Top 10 reasons why you might be a coin dealer

If you find any of these to be true-it just might be in your future too!

10)  You give your kids rolls of dimes when they ask you for money to go to the movies.

9)  You find it ironic that “Tax Day” and the beginning of  “National Coin Week” fall on the same day.

8)  You find yourself sneaking money out of the grocery budget to buy silver bars.

7)  You can’t help but correct people when they refer to a 1 cent coin as a “penny.”

6)  Favorite bedside read? “The Complete Guide to Lincoln Cents.”

5)  You never pass up that coin lying in the street.

4)  You find humor in the following-was there money on Noah’s Ark? Yes, the duck had a bill, the skunk had a scent and the frog had a greenback.

3)  The average household has about $90.00 in loose change laying around-knowing this you encourage your clients to save and roll their coins and deposit them into their kid’s 529 plans.

2)  You fill your children’s Easter Eggs with Ike dollars and Susan B. Anthony’s instead of dollar bills.

1)  You find nothing wrong with the state of Iowa using a coin toss to determine the winner of their caucus to be Hilary Clinton.